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 I am so grateful to have found James Buckley. I was eager for my manuscript to be read by others, but after so many edits of going back and forth from first person to third person and present tense to past tense, my eyes and brain were exhausted. It was my first book and I didn't have the foreknowledge to edit new copies instead of the same one. I was at the point of frustration. In came James to the rescue! He went over my entire 92,000-word manuscript with a keen eye to correct everything to be past tense, plus additional proofreading. It was no problem that my novel was in American English, because he even noticed when I mistakenly used British English.

James was aware that I was seeking help because I wanted to enter a Twitter contest. I had a super tight deadline and he finished everything in less than a week! He even went above and beyond to help me with my prologue, since I was worried if I should have included it or not. After his help, I felt more than comfortable entering the contest.

I've since made more changes thanks to all his work which allowed me to send it out for beta readers. I've recently received a full request from a reputable literary agent and I know James played a part.

Chelsea Gray

James Buckley provided expert-level proofreading that was timely and detailed. As an amateur writer, I found his insight invaluable for my manuscript. James was able to analyse my manuscript for proofreading edits, as well as give me crucial feedback on my work as a whole. His input allowed me to progress my manuscript in a way I found truly beneficial. I would definitely recommend James Buckley in the future.

Nurah Rasheed

I worked with James Buckley on my first novel and I can say that I loved working with him. He was professional, responsible, and worked fast; he even gave good suggestions for various mistakes I made, but most of all he was patient. For someone who is just starting out on this journey of becoming an author, he is a perfect fit (he is an excellent choice even if you are a professional writer). It is very easy to talk to to him; he is charismatic and attentive to detail. I hope to work with him again in the future.

M. Ross Potter – Millie and Her Alien Warrior

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James is a rare find in the indie world. He provides friendly service, going over every aspect needed in a story and has proven himself to be very versatile as to genre. His work is painstakingly thorough and I cannot recommend him enough.

Leona Windwalker

Testimonials: Testimonials
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